Clean leather and vinyl like a pro.

You have surely heard the famous expression… A clean boat! But what defines this perception of cleanliness? The shine of the hull? The color of the curtains? Why not the beauty of the leather? Healthy leather/vinyl is soft, shiny and free of cracks and tears. But like everything else in life, perfection is something that needs to be maintained on a daily basis!

How to properly clean leather/vinyl?

First of all, you must absolutely avoid the magic eraser! This sponge damages the natural protection of leather and even vinyl. The magic eraser is a Styrofoam so dense that we can compare it with a 3500 grade sandpaper.

Use a specialized cleaning product such as Chic Marine leather/vinyl cleaner. Specialty products are tested on a multitude of materials and colors.

First, spray the cleaner on small sections one at a time. Scrub gently with a clean microfiber or for best results, use Chic Marine’s nanofiber brush. The thousands of tiny bristles in the brush will remove dirt thoroughly. Wipe with a damp cloth. Finally, protect with the Chic Marine protector. Simply pour a few threads on the surface and rub in with a microfiber. That’s all you have to do!

A little trick for ink stains… let it soak in the sun for several hours! UV rays will break up the ink droplets.

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- Enovathemes